Swipe to open your gifts!

Swipe to open your gifts! Our generation is so used to swiping at things that it only seems natural that something like the Nimble Cutter would exist! Cleverly named, the Nimble is a thimble that sits on your finger, but instead of preventing needle pricks, this little bad-boy comes with a blade that’s capable of […]

The ultimate dust-royer

The ultimate dust-royer When you think of vacuums, there are probably a few images that come to mind – the engineering aesthetics of Dyson, the loveable face of Henry the Hoover or the old reliable clunky hard-shelled Bosch and Siemens of the past. Well, what if you were to take the brilliance of both the […]

Meet the Bottle That’s Saving Our Planet

Meet the Bottle That’s Saving Our Planet The design principles behind the Spain based company Closca are deeply rooted in preservation through efficient, useful problem solving. I say preservation because Closca’s first ever design was the Closca Helmet, an urban cycling helmet that would actually collapse into a flat-pack, encouraging you to never leave home […]

That’s sew cool!

That’s sew cool! You know what I’ve noticed? Only certain appliances have seen game-changing innovations in them and looking at them, you can instantly tell the difference between an innovative product, and a product that’s begging for innovation. Look at the vacuum cleaner, the water purifier, the thermostat. Look at how far they’ve come. Now […]

Bye-Bye Bike Chain??

Bye-Bye Bike Chain?? Imagine not having to deal with greasy bike chains ever again. It’s annoying maintaining them, and a complete pain when they come undone. Stringbike is trying to change that with an innovation that replaces its almost 150 year old predecessor. The solution features a virtually unbreakable, unstretchable, and completely silent paracord that’s […]

The Almost-Not-a-Chair Chair

The Almost-Not-a-Chair Chair At first glance, the minimalist INA chair might not even be recognizable as one. It’s all about a reduction in material volume without sacrificing style. It’s purposefully constructed with wood where it matters: the seat and backrest. The resulting aesthetic is sculptural and light. While it’s not the most comfortable, it does […]