iOS 11 Rumored To Bring About Group FaceTime Calls

iOS 11 Rumored To Bring About Group FaceTime Calls

facetimeFaceTime has been pretty much a one-to-one experience, meaning if you want to call multiple people at the same time, that’s too bad because you can’t. This is versus other platforms like Google Hangouts and Skype which has supported group video calls for the longest time ever, but iOS and Mac users won’t have to wait much longer.

According to a report from Israeli tech blog The Verifier (via 9to5Mac), they have learnt that group FaceTime calling is expected to be introduced later this year with the launch of iOS 11, which many expect will most probably be the next major iOS update. The report adds that this feature can also be accessible via the Messages app on iOS where users can set up group FaceTime calls with up to five users at once.

There is currently no way to verify if this rumor is true so naturally you should take it with a grain of salt for now. However given that competing services do allow for multiple users to video chat at once, it doesn’t exactly seem like it would be that much of a stretch to think that Apple could create such a feature in the future.

Some are considering group FaceTime calls to be a long overdue feature, although we haven’t exactly been seeing users clamoring for the feature either. In any case if and when Apple make the announcement, it will most likely be at WWDC 2017 which is scheduled for the middle of the year, so check back with us then for more updates.

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