Republican Sen. Jeff Flake Got Roasted Over His $100 ‘Country Over Party’ Donation To Doug Jones

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake Got Roasted Over His $100 ‘Country Over Party’ Donation To Doug Jones

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On Tuesday, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) — who was caught in November on a hot mic declaring that Republicans “are toast” — awkwardly perched next to President Trump while he plugged alleged pedophile Roy Moore’s Alabama Senate race during a meeting with GOP congressmen. Trump, of course, has officially endorsed Moore, and the RNC has resumed funding for his campaign, despite the many allegations of sexual misconduct at hand.

For Flake, the awkward act of sitting next to Trump as he bragged about Republican “unity” (and stated, “We don’t want to have a liberal Democrat in Alabama, believe me”) must have been too much to bear. As a result, Flake decided to symbolically donate to Moore’s Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, and the GOP senator then tweeted the evidence.

Country over Party

— Jeff Flake (@JeffFlake) December 5, 2017

Yes, that’s a whopping $100 check, so there was some of this happening….

$100? Dude, c’mon.

— Parry Headrick 👁 (@pheadrick) December 5, 2017

Not only that, but Flake’s replies are full of people who recognized his gesture of stepping out of party lines and standing against Moore, yet they delivered the same response.

Agree with the sentiment, so why vote for the tax bill? Surely you don’t honestly believe in it’s merits…

— Tryndamere (@MarcMerrill) December 5, 2017

ok now apply the same logic to the tax bill

— Jay Willis (@jaywillis) December 5, 2017

But the tax bill

— Jack Kogod (@Unsilent) December 5, 2017

Nice….too bad that wasn’t your position on the tax bill.

— Tad Adams (@TadAdams79) December 5, 2017

May your integrity continue when it comes time to vote for the financial well being of most Americans.

— Christine (@chrismknapp) December 5, 2017

Wow, well, it’s something. I’m not going to complain about the amount. The gesture means something. But killing the bad #TaxScamBill would help the #CountryOverParty sentiment even more. Try it!

— TameLadySA (@firecracker36) December 5, 2017

Indeed, people who were shocked and disgusted after Senate Republicans passed a sweeping tax reform bill (despite no one being able to read it) would prefer that the “country over party” line had come up earlier. One thing is certain — the Dec. 12 Moore-Jones race will be eventful.

(Via Jeff Flake on Twitter)